Pella Tulip Time Outreach Summary 2019

God has blessed our outreach with growth and many laborers. This year we had a great turnout of volunteers; those experienced and seeking opportunity to reach the lost, as well as many new to evangelism. Thanks to Chief of Police, Robert Bokinsky, for connecting us with Joel Rietema, the Bible teacher at Pella Christian High School who has encouraged his students to share their faith. Joel, and about 20 of his students joined us on Thursday morning for training and our first step out into the crowds to distribute tracts and engage in conversation. Overall, we had 80 individuals bringing the gospel message to the crowds at Pella Tulip Time Festival.

Thanks again this year to Joel Vander Molen who arranged for us to use the basement of Second Christian Reformed Church for our training and base location. It was a great privilege to be there, in a great location, near downtown Pella and all the people and festivities. The church and its staff were full of grace and demonstrated their hospitality to all. I have really enjoyed being hosted by this church and the sense of going out into the world to tell the good news.

This year we increased our training efforts and again hosted Tony Ramsek of Answers in Genesis and Allen Atzbi of Living Waters. Tony brought great teaching on the two sides of the cross; Sharing the wrath of God with love, and Sharing the love of God without compromise. Allen motivated us to bring the gospel with biblical accuracy and reach more lost souls through street evangelism. I brought a brief message seeking to glorify God in a culture of many gods – none of whom are equal with the God of the Bible. Grace Malley, author of Will our Generation Speak, setup video cameras to reach others and demonstrate gospel conversations. They drew in a steady stream of those who agreed to be interviewed about their spiritual views.  I really appreciate the biblical approach and deep fellowship that is encouraged through the training and these events.

The whole team of volunteers did a fabulous job of getting the message out. We distributed over 20,000 tracts across the three days. We had several thousand million-dollar bills and ran out before the end of the festival. We gave out several thousand tracts explaining the story of the settlers in Pella through the mural in the post office. Our newest tract explained how the city got its name from the historic flight from Jerusalem to Pella in the first century and how we are to flee from our sin. May God bless His message of redemption going out through these short tracts and simple presentation of the gospel.

For those who came to help, and for those who led training, and others who helped in many ways, I appreciate it all. May God continue to bless your efforts to reach the lost! Please, pray for those who heard the message.

Sincerely in Christ,

Jon Neifert

Author: Jon Neifert
Posted on May 20 2019