Get Involved:
How you can help

Our ministry has an impact on many people, through the outreach and education we conduct. Some have heard the gospel message for the first time, others hear it more clearly and are confronted with the cross of Christ. Our volunteers are encouraged and equipped to share the gospel more effectively and to engage others more frequently even after completing an outreach.

If you have experienced this yourself and would like to help the ministry reach more and do more for the glory of God and His gospel, here are a few ways you can help by getting involved and volunteering your time and skills.

We would benefit and extend our reach with:

  • Social Media Leader: someone to help keep our social media active and engaged and continue to work with others to create and post content.
  • Video Production: someone to edit and produce a finished product based on videos recorded to ensure high-quality video content for the ministry. May also help identify content within existing videos to produce as YouTube shorts, or Instagram Reels for our Social Media leader to schedule and post.
  • Photographer / Videographer: someone who can attend training and outreach events to take pictures and record video to capture the essence of what happens and the people involved. The photos and video may be used on our website, social media, the podcast, or other places. This can be a one-time, event based role, or someone who has time to do this for multiple events through the year.
  • Web Developer: someone to keep the website up and running, keep it current, and make improvements.
  • Finance / Book Keeper: someone to help plan, track, and report on spending to ensure we are accurately reporting and spending our donated funds wisely for the glory of God.
  • Other gifts and talents: if you have an idea or a gift that is not listed above and would like to talk about ways you can use your talents with the ministry, let's talk.

If any of these appeal to you and you would like to talk about volunteering, please contact us by filling out the form on our Contact page. Be sure to include an email and/or phone number so we have a way to reach you.