Will Our Generation Speak?

Will Our Generation Speak?


By Grace Mally
Tomorrow's Forefathers

Pages: 288
Published in 2012


Will Our Generation Speak? is filled with dialog—recounting witnessing conversations and giving practical ideas for beginning conversations with unbelievers about the Lord. It teaches how to ask good questions and answer objections, while illustrating points with humorous cartoons and stories. Written from a young perspective, this book gives other young people a vision of how much the Lord can use them in the years of their youth! It communicates how exciting it is to be working alongside the God of the Universe in the mission of saving souls, and it gives young people courage from the Word to combat fear and reject excuses.

“Will Our Generation Speak? is a wonderful, practical, and very timely publication. Never before in history has the Church so needed to speak up and to speak clearly. This book does that and it tells you how to do it, with practical examples and inspiring heart-warming personal experiences. It’s fuel for your fire ...” —Ray Comfort, Founder of Living Waters, cohost of Way of the Master

“Witnessing often makes people nervous, but it’s important that we share our faith. Grace Mally shares practical tools that work!” —The Duggar Family, TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting

“Grace Mally … shows how to break the ice and introduce people to the good news of the Gospel.  —Jeff Myers, Ph.D., President, Summit Ministries