Search N Rescue: Guiding Unbelievers To The Savior

Search N Rescue: Guiding Unbelievers To The Savior


By Eddie Roman
Bridge-Logos Publishers

Pages: 160
Published in 2019


Eddie Roman is the producer/director of The Way of the Master television program, a show that teaches Christians how to evangelize. Eddie has created programming for many Christian ministries including The Billy Graham Association, Samaritan’s Purse and Harvest: Greg Laurie. During his time as a missionary photographer / videographer, Eddie worked in Sudan, Indonesia, Burma, Pakistan, and many other third world countries. Prior to working in Christian broadcasting, Eddie worked primarily in action sports, with his programming appearing on Fox Sports Network, ESPN and MTV. Before his television days, Eddie was a professional BMX freestyle rider, competing and performing in stunt demonstrations around the world.

Early in his Christian walk, Eddie was teaching bible studies and going on mission trips, but was not sharing his faith. After many years of fear and complacency, he became involved in evangelism and God changed his life. You can read more about that in this book.

Eddie leads the evangelism ministry at Faith Bible Church in Temecula, California. He lives with his wife Carri and their son, Jesse, Matthew, Daniel, and Christopher.

Suggested use:

Eddie Roman presents a well though training on the churches responsibility to rescue the lost. It is well-written and touches on a broad set of topics to equip you to engage in evangelism effectively.