Pella Tulip Time Evangelism Training 2018


Evangelism training will be held each morning during Pella Tulip Time Festival. This year, we will host Allen Atzbi of Living Waters and Tony Ramsek of Answers in Genesis to provide inspiring and insightful training whether you are new to evangelism or an experienced veteran.

There will be a time for Q&A after each talk and you will be able to put what you’re learning into practice right after each session. Tony and Allen will be available throughout the rest of the day at the booth, laboring beside others.

Everyone who registers will get exclusive free access to online training by Living Waters, sent via email.


May 3 - 5, 2018
9:00 am Intro to Tulip Time Outreach Jon Neifert
Receive an introduction to the Tulip Time Outreach and the Christian foundation of the town of Pella. We will review some of the locations of significance during the Pella Tulip Time Festival and history of its early people and places. We will also get a brief summary of the tracts that will be available at the Gospel booth and some suggested uses.
9:00 am Beginning in the Beginning Tony Ramsek
Have you desired to share the gospel with friends and neighbors but felt unprepared and unsure how to do so effectively? In this session, Tony will explain how to share the gospel of Christ powerfully by starting where God starts—in the beginning. You will gain insight on how to provide answers to the pressing questions of today's culture. You will learn specifics from science and the Bible to refute evolution and transition to the gospel. Through his personal illustrations, relatable stories, and most of all, through God’s Word, Tony teaches how to lovingly and effectively communicate gospel truth in this generation of darkness.
9:00 am The Forgotten Blueprint for Evangleism Allen Atzbi
If you gave five believers a piece of paper and asked them to write down what to say when witnessing, you’d likely get five different answers. Some may focus on God’s love, others His wrath, prosperity, etc. What does God want us to say? How can we most biblically and thus effectively reach those staggering on the very edge of Hell? Most are surprised to discover that in the seven word-for-word witnessing transcripts in the book of Acts the apostles always shared the exact same points. They used the same blueprint in every situation, no matter who they were speaking with. Once you hear this teaching you’ll never need wonder what to say, you will know; you’ll also learn how to share it compellingly on the streets and with those you love.
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Second Christian Reformed Church Pella, in the Cadet house South of the church building.
609 E 1st St, Pella, IA 50219

Event Sponsor: Jon Neifert