St Patrick’s Day Parade Des Moines 2022


Great opportunity to share the gospel and distribute tracts at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in downtown Des Moines. We will have several St Patrick’s Day tracts and million dollar bills available. We will provide some evangelism ‘basic training’ this year before the events for those new to public outreach. After training and some time of prayer, we will gather together downtown on the parade route to engage in conversation with many before and during the parade.

The outreach will be held along the parade route, published on the parade site.

We will meet at the Calvary Chapel for brief training and prayer before the parade begins.

The parade begins at noon, we will meet at the parade route to being tract distribution at 11:30 am.



March 17, 2022
9:30 am Evangelism Basics Eddie Roman
Evangelism conversations can get really complicated, really quick! What must you cover when presenting the gospel? How can you best communicate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and why it matters? This session will prepare you to witness to anyone, regardless of their religion or background.
10:30 am Prayer Tony Didlo
Pray for God to bless our outreach, the laborers, and those we encounter.
11:00 am Parade Outreach Teams
Gather downtown (corner of 10th and Grand Ave), break up into teams and distribute tracts along the parade route. The parade begins at noon.
1:00 pm Debriefing
Gather at Hy Vee (420 Court Ave) after the parade for a snack, sharing stories and praying for those we engaged.
This event is passed, registration has been closed.

Speaker Information

Eddie Roman 2020 Photo
Eddie Roman (Living Waters)

Eddie Roman is the producer/director of Way of the Master, a television program that teaches Christians how to share their faith. He also hosts the Romans Road podcast and leads the evangelism ministry at Faith Bible Church in Murrieta, CA. Eddie’s book, Search N Rescue is used by churches and individuals who desire to reach out to the lost. Eddie has taught evangelism at Ray Comfort’s Ambassadors Academy as well as various outreaches and churches. Eddie lives in Murrieta, CA with his wife Carri and their four sons.

Tony Didlo 2022 Photo
Tony Didlo (Cornerstone Church, Altoona)

Tony Didlo is the Pastor of Cornerstone Church in Altoona and has a passion to reach the lost. He has been preaching the gospel in the Des Moines area for over 20 years. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Jails, Prison or the streets fulfilling the great commission is the focus. He has attended the Ambassadors Academy and studied the School of Biblical Evangelism with the Way of the Master ministry. Tony has experience in teaching and equipping others to reach the lost.

Jon Neifert 2022 Photo
Jon Neifert (Tulip Gospel Outreach)

Jon Neifert is the founder of Tulip Gospel Outreach and finds great joy in sharing the gospel message and telling others of the work of Christ. Jon has has attended and served as a team leader for the Living Waters Ambassador’s Academy and has experience sharing the gospel and coordinating outreach events since 2017.

Jon, his wife, and two sons enjoy technology, outdoors, hiking and wildlife, and raising animals on their acreage near Pella, IA. Jon has a degree in Applied Computer Science form William Penn University. He grew up as a pastors kid in the Friends church. He currently attends and serves his local church, Tracy Christian Reformed Church.


Calvary Chapel Des Moines
606 E. 9th St, Des Moines, IA 50309

Event Sponsor: Tony Didlo