12 Reasons To Share the Gospel: Others

After taking part in sharing the Gospel with others for the past few years, I thought it would be beneficial to list the reasons we should tell others about the good news of Jesus Christ. This applies to individual co-workers, friends, and family, but also strangers in public settings. For many, the answer “because God told you to” or the motivation of saving a lost soul is enough.

If you have never shared the gospel with another person, there are a lot of reasons to do that. If you have, I hope these will give you encouragement. Take a quick skim through this, most are straight-forward. I put a brief explanation for each and scripture to demonstrate the reason.

This is the first part of the list and focuses on the benefit to others:

  1. People are lost: Many have not heard the Gospel, they may be lost, hurting, confused and searching for the truth and the good news of the Gospel. (James 5:20; Luke 15:1-32; Luke 19:10)
  2. People are deceived: Many may be happy in what they believe, but have led astray from the truth by empty philosophies or false teachers. (Ephesians 5:6; I Corinthians 6:9-10)
  3. People are broken: All people experience brokenness in their lives. Sometimes this is even caused by those in the church. Bringing the Gospel message about what Christ has done can start the process of healing when they cry out to Him for healing and forgiveness. (John 12:40; Psalm 34:18)
  4. This world is filled with wickedness: Many people are deceived by and harmed by the wickedness of themselves or others in this world. Publicly sharing the gospel restrains the evil, if only briefly, in those who hear. (Jonah 3:1-10; Genesis 6:5; I John 5:19)
  5. You will save them from hell: In our human nature, we all rebel against God, stir up His wrath against wickedness. We all deserve this and His punishment is hell. By calling them to believe in Christ, and repent, you are saving them from this inevitable punishment. (Romans 5:6-11; II Peter 2:4-10)
  6. People will be driven to scripture: Both believers and unbelievers will be driven to scripture, to further understand, explore if we challenge them with ‘this is what the Lord says’. (Acts 17:11-12)
  7. People are not as “Christian” as they seem: We often believe normal, good people are Christians. However, when we engage them in spiritual conversation, we come to understand what they really believe. It’s not always a true, biblical belief, or even Christianity. Don’t assume someone who seems ‘good’ is a Christian. (Matthew 24:24; Romans 3:9-11)
  8. Photo by Danka & Peter on UnsplashOthers will be inspired to faith: When others hear the good news, or see us sharing the Gospel, they are inspired to return to the faith they once knew or spurred on to begin their search for truth. (Romans 10:14,17; Acts 11:15-18)
  9. Christians are encouraged: Likewise, many Christians see others sharing the Gospel and are encouraged by seeing you put your faith into practice. (Isaiah 52:7)
  10. Our culture will be improved: I often hear complaints about how our culture has deteriorated. When others hear the Gospel and repent, our culture becomes a better place and stems the tide of darkness. (Acts 19:18-20)
  11. We increase understanding of religion: Our culture tells us to avoid topics of religion and politics. When we all listen, we don’t talk about it, and we become ignorant of it. I have found that when I talk with others about it, they generally want to talk and have dialog so they can better understand. (Acts 17:22-32)
  12. Others will come to Christ: The best benefit of all is that someone is found and comes to Christ. No one comes to Christ because of your actions, unless you also use your words. Your words have great impact. (Acts 4:4; Romans 10:17; Acts 2:38-41)

Stop back later for the benefits to you and your church.

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Author: Jon Neifert
Posted on December 22 2018